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obrazek10 August 2021: this evening's intermezzi were executed by a couple of theatre improvisors from the Improvize group - Jana Machalíková & Jakub Troják
obrazek5 August 2021: the guest for today's evening was Dr. Tomáš Nielsen - lawyer dealing, among other topics, with protection of fundamental rights and liberties and principles of a democratic society subject to the rule of law
obrazek4 August 2021: in today's performance, intermezzi were performed by Dr. Jozef Hrušovský - Nijo (second left) - medical practitioner, homeopath, visionary, motorbiker; for the first time, we played in the configuration with Lenka Chadimová (left) and Lucie Zachovalová (right)
obrazek26 July 2021: we made an excursion to South-Bohemian Vodňany bogs, the stage into which both novel and play are set; the guide of the expedition was Jiří Hájíček, the author of the novel; photo in front of the house of the writer Julius Zeyer in Vodňany
obrazek17 June 2021: during today’s evening, we started to collect responses to our visitor survey; we are trying to find out what the people think about our theatre and why they come
obrazek17 June 2021: the second premiere took place; the guest performing intermezzi was Gabriela Kontra - author of the photographs projected during the performances of The Rainstick and author of a book on the phenomenon of giant one-day rave (techno) parties (left); Jiří Hájíček, the author of the novel (second right), was in the audience
obrazek16 June 2021: the Norwegian ambassador Mr Robert Kvile accompanied by his wife visited the today’s premiere
obrazek16 June 2021: the premiere took place; the guests performing intermezzi were the dancer Vanessa Anna and DJ Zdeněk Vejvoda
obrazek10 June 2021: there are elegant printed programmes in Czech and English / graphics by Blanka Křemenová
obrazek5 June 2021: there are elegant invitation flyers for each evening / photo Kristýna Suchá / graphics by Blanka Křemenová
obrazek4 June 2021: a full set of photographs by Gabriela Kontra is ready, and the miniprojector tested, by means of which spectators will be able to view them in the audience area
obrazek3 June 2021: our guests for the premieres are confirmed, with details here
obrazek24 May 2021: two premieres have been scheduled and confirmed, the dates are 16 a 17 June
obrazek19 April 2021: we have elegant rehearsal photos / taken by Kristýna Suchá
obrazek11 April 2021: our new rainstick is with us / yes, the musical instrument from the title will feature in this piece / if you consider this too descriptive, please do not be afraid, we will not treat it as a mere instrument, but rather load upon it many essential metaphysical, figurative and conceptual significances largely outreaching its physical and terrestrial existence
obrazek1 March 2021: intense rehearsals are starting / the play is written, it has a structure and a certain plan / we start rehearsing with all the actors, who have already gone through preparatory phases / the director has a reasonable amount of horror in his eyes
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