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The Rainstick - guests for intermezzi

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The piece includes several brief intermezzi. On each evening, they are performed by a different guest, who has something to say regarding the themes and motifs of The Rainstick. The guest can be an artist in any field (dance, music, literature, visual arts, ...), theoretician (philosopher, sociologist, arts theoretician, ...), anybody with a specific insight. Our guests for particular evenings will be/ were:

Jana Machalíková & Jakub Troják - Improvize   (evening 10 August 2021)

Jana is reciter, storyteller, actress, improvisor and medical clown, interconnecting these roles in her teacher’s, actor’s and clow’s work. She lives her improvisation dreams together with Jakub Troják in the Improvize group.
Jakub is book graphic designer and improvisor, creating connections while acting and singing. He makes Jana Machalíková live her dreams in the Improvize improvisation group.

Tomáš Nielsen   (evening 5 August 2021)

For many years, he has been active in internet and media law, including protection of personality, privacy and personal data. He was lecturer at the Faculty of Law (Charles University) and Czech Technical University in Prague. Awarded the Lawyer of the Year in IT for 2018, author of a number of publications. From 2020, he is involved in protection of fundamental rights and liberties and principles of a democratic society subject to the rule of law.

Dr. Jozef Hrušovský - Nijo   (evening 4 August 2021)

Visionary and planetary scholar of cosmic sciences. Let force be with you.

Gabriela Kontra   (evening 17 June 2021)

Photographer and documentarist. She has been involved in a number of photography projects and exhibitions, has created a documentary Birth Plan on Czech obstetrics, was co-founder and for many years manager of the Bajkazyl centre for independent culture. Currently she teaches at the FAMU (film academy of performing arts in Prague) and is preparing two documentary books, one focused on Prague's places of alternative culture, second one about the contemporary phenomenon of giant one-day rave parties. Her photographs from the second book are part of the scenography in The Rainstick.

Vanessa Anna and Zdeněk Vejvoda   (evening 16 June 2021)

Vanessa Anna is dancer, snake woman, passionate writer of both poetry and prose, and viewer and admirer of the world. She is convinced that art reflects the nation. Zdeněk Vejvoda belongs to the contemporary Czech techno scene, is a member of the Harmony Rec. music editors and moderator of the Isolate internet radio station in Brno.

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