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My Brother the Messiah

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What the messiah’s brother can do? What the messiah’s mistress, his girlfriend, his partner, his punker can do? What the messiah can do? What if fortune jumps on your back? Where life is good in 2168? / questions, questions and questions unlocked in the novel of the same name by Martin Vopěnka

what to do in order not to make it too much?

multicoloured handbags

massaging of an aged and worn-out body

Dubrovnik and Northern Greece

Hana doesn't drink anymore


Well, Marek, I terribly understand you, but please admit that... / Marek, and now you would spoil all of that, all, all of that just because some, some, some beautiful girl comes here?
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(photo Vlasta Wanková)

inspired by: Martin Vopěnka: the novel My Brother the Messiah
structure and script: Petr Odo Macháček acting: Lucie Zachovalová, Kristýna Suchá, Vít Macháček
video materials: Liv Hanne Haugen, Anne Katrine Haugen
production and promotion: Helena Macháčková / project manager: Kateřina Poláková

guest: special guest for each particular evening, who rather unexpectedly intervenes into the course of performance at a particular moment

The first drops splashed the crumbled paving, the shoulders and hair of the gathered people. They all raised their heads and their eyes widened with elation. Only the girl in the front row kept gazing intently at him.

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