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obrazek26 April 2024: The today’s guest is the author of the novel My Brother the Messiah that inspired our theatre piece. During his intermezzi, Martin Vopěnka was reading from his collections of poetry The House You Are Leaving and Once in Eternity. This live encounter taking place directly during the performance crowned the 13 appearances of My Brother the Messiah between June 2023 and April 2024.
obrazek15 April 2024: This day was dedicated to a workshop focused on acting skills with the students of higher grades at the Elementary School Dědina from Prague 6, who are rehearsing a new theatre piece for this spring. The director of the project is Věra Janebová (in the centre of picture standing with a black scarf), during the workshop assisted by Petr Odo Macháček (to the right from her).
obrazek23 March 2024: Today, the performance was part of the Theatre Night 2024 event. During the intermezzi, the actress Lenka von Hinterdorf was reading the poetry of Martin Vopěnka, the author of the novel that inspired our play of the same name. After the performance, our nightly audience became actively involved in the discussion between the playwrites and directors Zdeňka Brychtová and Petr Odo Macháček on the opportunities and pitfalls of transition from a literary work into a theatre script and, later on, a theatre piece.
obrazek8 March 2024: In today's performance, the intermezzi were created by the drum-and-bass dj Josef Sklenička. His mixes floating predominantly in the waters of liquid and soulful dnb brought the evening into a particular kind of a rhythmically wrapped atmosphere.
obrazek29 February 2024: Today evening's guest was Jan Nevrkla - the sachem of para swimmers of the KON-TAKT tribe. Jan was broadly commenting, in a fully improvised mode, on the course of the story, playing piano and singing. My Brother the Messiah received a shamanic quality this evening.
obrazek20 February 2024: The intermezzi in today's performance were provided by Radomír Švec - musician, singer, songwriter, actor. Thanks to his accordion and powerful singing of old Prague chants, our theatre became especially lively. Towards the end, his gentle piano made it intimate and concentrated.
obrazek30 January 2024: After today's performance, all the visitors and participants had an opportunity to take part in a discussion with Michaela Stachová (in the middle in picture) from the organization Business Leaders Forum - our project's partner - and talk with her about topics related to climatic and social developments. Besides other matters, we spoke about the appropriateness or necessity to impose administrative arrangements such as the prepared set of regulations referred to as ESG.
obrazek30 January 2024: Today evening, we performed the Messiah with intermezzi by Michaela Stachová from the organization Business Leaders Forum our project's partner. During her intermezzi, Michaela was dealing with potential future climatic changes and their possible contexts.
obrazek8 December 2023: After today's theatre, a thorough critical seminar took place together with theatre journalists, critics and theoreticians Vladimír Hulec, Petr Christov and Zdeňka Brychtová; on distance (due to illness), also Michaela Stachová, specialist in climatic and social changes - one of the topics of our theatre piece, took part. Discussed were various aspect of the piece, including the planes on which it communicates with audience and the topics it explores. Photo Petr Vápeník, from left to right Petr Christov, Zdeňka Brychtová, Vladimír Hulec, Petr Odo Macháček.
obrazek8 December 2023: During the today's My Brother the Messiah, the actress Lenka von Hinterdorf (on the left in picture) was reading her selection of poetry by Martin Vopěnka from his collections The House You Are Leaving and Once in Eternity.
obrazek18 November 2023: As part of today's Theatre Night, we performed the Messiah with intermezzi by the guitarist Jana Šteflíčková. After the theatre, the actresses Zdeňka Brychtová and Lenka von Hinterdorf were reading selected texts from the novel My Brother the Messiah written by Martin Vopěnka, the novel that inspired our theatre piece of the same name.
obrazek17 October 2023: Today, 15 minutes after the performance, a discussion took place with Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen about their work, their original approach to theatre, contexts of their creative activities. Besides the whole project group from Divadlo Kámen and visitors of the performance, also Michala Stachová from the Business Leaders Forum platform and Jitka Černá from the Prague University of Economics were involved in the discussion.
obrazek17 October 2023: There was no special guest of this evening, thus the audience and the actors were able to fully concentrate on the video sequences created especially for this piece by the Haugen sisters. As a result, a "clean performance" exactly according to the script took place. However, the today’s "Norwegian Evening" was enriched by a projection of photographs from the town of Tromsø and its surrounding nature (before the performance), a discussion after the performance and a subsequent brief projection of photographs from various theatre projects by Haugen sisters.
obrazek10 October 2023: There was a virtual meeting between Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen and us in order to prepare a data transmission of our performance and our subsequent online discussion about their work and creative activities, the event planned for 17 October. We have technically verified the connection (Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine will watch our Prague’s performance from Tromsø) and talked about the organisation of the Norwegian Evening and the topics of our questions.
obrazek5 October 2023: After today’s performance, a discussion with Irina Sleptsova, the director and teacher in the Škola theatre took place. We were interested in the organization of their theatre group, their creative and pedagogical focus, their financing, their joys and hardships.
obrazek5 October 2023: The young actors from the Škola theatre were the guest performing the intermezzi of this evening. From left to right Vladimir Vostrikov (Škola), Vít Macháček (Kámen), Kristýna Suchá (Kámen), Lucie Zachovalová (Kámen), Yeva Zakcharchenko (Škola), Dariia Romanko (Škola).
obrazek2 October 2023: Today late afternoon, a workshop with actresses and actors of our partner organization Divadlo Škola took place. It was focused on an open exploration of terms, around which the piece is built, and on performing skills – physical work in improvisation. The director of Divadlo Kámen was the lecturer, together with the director of the Škola theatre Irina Sleptsova.
obrazek22 September 2023: After today’s performance, our visitors had an opportunity to take part in a discussion of our curator Lucie Váchová with the visual artist Petr Kubáč, the author of the exhibition of photo transfers on wood You Little Fool - the exhibition inspired, similarly to our theatre piece, by the novel of Martin Vopěnka My Brother the Messiah.
obrazek22 September 2023: This evening, we have performed the new piece My Brother the Messiah for the third time. Our guests undertaking the intermezzi were the musicians Anna Ptáková and Jan Pták.
obrazek16 June 2023: Yesterday and today, we performed the new piece My Brother the Messiah for the first two times. From left to right the guest of both evenings Miroslav Paulíček, "Hana" Kristýna Suchá, "Marek" Vít Macháček, "Natalia" Lucie Zachovalová and director Petr Odo M.
obrazek15 June 2023: We have performed the premiere of our new piece My Brother the Messiah. After the theatre, a discussion took place with the writer Martin Vopěnka, whose novel of the same name has inspired the play.
obrazek25 May 2023: Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen sent us a nearly final version of their videos that will visually, and partly also acoustically, accompany certain sections of performances; they created these video materials when making a long ski trip through the snow-covered arctic landscape around the mount of Tromsdalstinden near their home town of Tromsø.
obrazek14 April 2023: Blanka Křemenová created the first visual for the new piece; it shows Lucie Zachovalová as Natalia and, most importantly, her red handbag, which is an aesthetic and semantic dominant of the overall piece, its icon
obrazek10 March 2023: From now, our rehearsals are improved, as we have obtained the essential scenographic elements and, at the same time, basic props: five large ladies’ handbags of various colours; the whole piece turns around them, they will become its aesthetic and semantic highlight
obrazek24 February 2023: During February, the complete Prague’s part of the project team was together at one place; from left to right Helena Macháčková, Lucie Zachovalová, Kristýna Suchá, Kateřina Poláková, Vít Macháček, Petr Odo Macháček
obrazek3 January 2023: The first rehearsal of the piece My Brother the Messiah took place; from left to right actor Vít Macháček, director Petr Odo Macháček and, with a script densely filled with notes, actress Kristýna Suchá; the actress Lucie Zachovalová is missing; another actor, for whom a smaller role is intended, will join us later
obrazek25 November 2022: The first version of the piece My Brother the Messiah is written, and we start to talk with all the actors that are ready, on a preliminary basis, to rehearse the piece; the director (who had been already appointed earlier) is finalising his staging vision
obrazek17 September 2022: together with our main project partners Anne Katrine and Liv Hanne Haugen, we are elaborating the concept of the piece during our encounter in Tromsø
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